The Hive

the hives Lots of new software out there to mess with in 2019 my current fav is Artbreeder. which is an AI based creation tool. the creatures I quickly bashed together using elements I had created in Artbreeder. a superb bit of kit and has the potential to save hours of work and a real creative boost. its defiantly the future a trip down the rabbit hole with this….

Black clover squadron

black clover Another personal fav.I had built the ships in 3ds max a while ago and could never figure out what to do. eventually went for the old” take off ” shot. but for me this just works. I don’t say this a lot about my work but I still, dare I say….like this

learner driver

learner driver This was was fun to do. over the last year ive been stocking up on the fantastic #kitbash3d 3d models. they have been total life savers on a few client jobs and personal stuff too. I used some of the #Warzone kit for the damaged buildings, re textured them and rendered these out to match the background plate, the ship was shot on a separate pass and then everything brought into photoshop . good experiment! check out the kitbash3d site. these folks do some great assests!