Coldesign ltd was established in 2014 , after 20 years working as an Art Director for EA and  Sony .

Still with the roots in game development Coldesign now works mostly in film and tv. Concepting  for movies such as Matrix Ressurection , Mortal Kombat, The Meg 2 ,The Adam Project and Moonshot to name a few


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    • Cheers dude.
      Love your comments, I grew up reading those old school fantasy art books.Like the art work of chris foss, jim burns and syd mead, so im happy with that. Thanks for the nomination too!

  1. I love your work, I came across it via your feature on Kotaku. Each picture sends my imagination into new world’s, they feel very deep even if some of them take little time for you. I was wondering if you have a tumblr or an Instagram both would be very beneficial cause I know myself and many others would be drawn to following you on those platforms. Also the Dr strange piece is beyond awsome I wish jacquin phoenix was playing him.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the great comments!! yes im on Instagram, although its not really something that shows off the images due to it format. im also on facebook and google+ and Artstation, so you can see I don’t really need the tumbler account lol
      im as coldesign on facebook and coldesign68 on instagram. Most of the other sites just look for coldesign or coldesign ltd 🙂
      Yep I wish Jacquin was playing him too, but im sure they will pick somebody just as epic!’


  2. You concept art is so inspiring I currently at college doing a game design course and your work is giving so many ideas! Keep up the good work

  3. Hi 🙂 I have followed your blog for a while and always enjoy it. If you get a chance, I would really be honored if you could check out my work. I have a wide variety of things I have worked on, and I would really appreciate your opinion of it, and any avenues that I could explore with it. My portfolio site is http://www.fierytailimagery.smugmug.com, my blog is http://www.fierytailimagery.com Again, thank-you! Your work is so inspiring. My email is fierytailimagery@outlook.com

    • Hey Mary. I sure will check it out! and thank you so much for following and your lovely comments. It always nice to see regulars on here and your often first to pop up on the likes so thanks so much! Speak soon. Col 😊

  4. Hello,
    I feel ashamed cause I’ve just discovered your work today , if I say it’s amazing I won’t be very original ;-p….but it is amazing. Really love your style , the colors , the shape of your starship , I can see the crazyness of Foss or terran books but in a modern style

    I build some sf weird things with lego maybe I’ll try to build one of your stuff cause I do love what you do ^^
    Here’s my gallery : https://www.flickr.com/photos/fabz71/sets

    Do you sell a kind of artbook with all or some of your work? I would be interested in buying on for sure!

    F@bz form France

    • Hi.well first off holy cow that lego you do is amazing,wow wait till i show my son,second,thanks for your wonderful comments, its so great to hear from folk that like my work.i havent got a book done yet but…its on the cards. So il keep you posted 🙂 thanks so much for the comments;-)

    • Hi mate! Cheers for the great comments!great style to your work btw! Some cool stuff going on. I use photoshop for all the backgrounds,character work etc . All the ships are built in 3d,i use 3dsmax for this. I tend to use 3d a fair bit now i find with a lot of game studios and film work its a much faster pipeline,so build in 3d and overpaint in photoshop 😊cheers mate!

  5. Hi Col,

    I recently discovered your work, and I was blown away by it. Love the artworks, they are soo cinematic. I have to ask you this; what kind of tablet do you use? Is it like a Wacom Cintiq?
    Keep up the great work, and cheers!

    • Hi Martin
      thanks for the great comments! I just use a normal tablet in fact ive just bought a ugee tablet, I was getting fed up with the prices Wacom charge so these guys charge buttons and its been fantastic. I did use a cintq while I wa Art director on Drive Club but wasn’t to fussed to be honest maybe in a few years when the tech has thinned down a bit and they get a bit cheaper lol. cheers mate ! thanks for following!

  6. Hi Col

    I trust this finds you well

    I too recently discovered your work and I was blown away. I love the whole “alien invasion” theme most of your art works go by. I am a young electronic music producer from Cape Town, South Africa and planning to release my first studio album the end of this year. I feel that your work would fit perfectly with an album cover concept I have in mind. Would you be interested in an opportunity as such?

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards

    • Hey Casey. Thanks for the kind words and the offer. i tend to just do film, TV and games now. I’m also currently, horrendously busy, hence i haven’t posted in a while ( work just takes over ) So unfortunately i can spare any time just yet. if you do want to talk some more you can get me on col@coldesign.co.uk and we can discuss time scales and costs etc. cheers – col

    • Hey Sam.thanks for the great comments,im not doing prints at the moment,too be honest its more hassle than its worth. I am looking to put a but together soon though.but il keep updating on the site to let folks know. Cheers

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