kingdom claimed

close up study of the samurai , hes built in max, really cheated on this by painting up a hi res face and then just mapping it onto a generic head, crafty lighting goes a long way. I think il be moving onto something a bit more sedate next lol

blast doors to close

old space jockey gears up

bit more sedate from the last one , first time using my ugee 21″ tablet screen display. just getting used to painting on screen rather than just a tablet . so just trying to adjust to the size and slight parallax . but I have to say its a fantastic bit of kit. and it feels like its giving me a different look to the way I paint. just need to get a bit faster with it now 🙂

the one

last stand

carrying on my robot samurai theme, I wanted to do something based on the pose of the guy in the centre. its pretty much all 3d, comp/painted and vfx added in photoshop. robot debris is just a bomb attached to a 3d mesh with loads of chaos added. wasn’t too sure about this, but I do like the pose .

meditation before war

focused on chaos

focused on chaos

had some spare time this Saturday morning so had a mess around in max. wanted something really simple to try out some new things. hopefully il be able to get a few shots done over the next week, while im on a very small and much needed break from work

At the space port

at-the-spaceport seems like ages since I posted. This was done a few weeks back but ive been pretty busy so only getting around to doing this today and then finding wordpress have changed everything around on the blog front and made it a right convoluted mess. why cant they just leave stuff alone. The UI is a disgrace. note to WordPress. employ people that understand design!
Any how had fun doing this, I was trying some new stuff out manily adding 3d onto 2d characters
ive also noticed while typing this just how many bugs are now in this blog creator!!!! please fix your bugs before you go live! wow this is pants lol

wangs worms

the best this side of the quadrant

the best this side of the quadrant

Happy New year All! the first image of 2017. Hope you all had a great holiday and are ready to face the year head on !lots of fun doing this and getting some colour injected into the image. im loving this theme of everyday life in the universe, I like the idea of the hum drum but with crazy life forms or situations. Really nice too to get into the 2d work again. I spend a lot of time working on 3d stuff in the day, so any release from that and the headaches it causes are welcome . Its going to be a crazy full on year, so hope you can join me on this journey. Back off to Beijing at the weekend for more concept craziness for “lost in Kunlun”. I’ve seen some of the pre vis and its fantastic, cant wait to see some of the shots and vfx. il do my best to keep you updated!