Walk into Scilence.

from the depths it rises


walk into the unknown

hidden secrets for millions of years

discovery of wonder!

the first race

ancient entrance

so here are some of the shots all in one place for “a walk into silence”. based around a 1912 expedition to Antarctica . more to come on this as its developed


ancient entrance

so im looking at going back to this project.i started this the other year but now im hoping this is going to evolve a bit more maybe even a book? not sure yet. lots to come on this, but might hold back while its in development. in this shot we see our hero’s approach the gate

I told you to slow down and keep the nose up

took a few weeks of over Christmas its been a hell of a year with the tv show in china and also working for Warner Bros on a new motion picture. back into it now, loads of exciting stuff to come and hopefully some more of my mind dumps , like this one !

a last look at the frozen hell hole

well welcome to 2018! and its a busy one already, hence the lack of posts. so im just going to try and catch up on the next few shots :0