kando Black guard and kando prison transport

two for the price of one on this shot. again il upload a breakdown of these shots,. Finally found use for some of my photos I took during the eclipse and also the water was enhanced by some winter shots I took of my local marina!


return to Nazca

no turning back now

practice mode for this shot. I was looking at building towns and cities , lot of fun trying to fit everything in and still retain the scale I wanted

escape from kando prison

closing in on the hunt

As well as working a lot of late , im also trying to set up a new story and produce a number of concepts and key frames. this one ,we have our hero in a stolen “grease pod” ( its like a maintenance ship, but very bulked up and powerful little thing) hes trying to escapes the black guard, who run the prison. Ive put a break down to this up on youtube where you can see the 3d model of the ship and also how the whole image is put together. so go check it out