salvage hunters

salvage huntersNice moody shot. this was mostly 3d. the suit was built in max and a bit in Mudbox and the ship was max. everything else, ie background and vfx are done in photoshopsuit1Slander mod


The shanghai event

shanghai_event This was super fun to do. its part 3d, part photo bashing from my time over in china and part photoshop paint. hope to get back there one day, wonderful city and people!


the white cityJust plane old 70s scifi. really loved doing this, very simple and pretty quick to do. render times are right down since the new pc was bought for the business going to 12 cores and 128gb of ram and a Rtx 2080 card have made a huge difference in work flow

Sakura season. the return of the fleet.

sakura Ive been pretty heavy on work load of late, working for a games production company in Shanghai , ive been on this production now since October 2018 so a fairly big stint. hence the lack of of personal work.
Managed to get this out over the weekend, always good to keep trying to find new ways to improve and practice and blow the mind cobwebs away!