lost patrol

lost patrolsI ve been doing losts of rough work of late, just down to time constraints, getting ideas down fast. this was one example, really quick, about 30 minutes, very simple image to do and hopefully gets the idea across

the surrendering

THE SURRENDERING wanted to try and get some more emotion in the the image and create a story. it nice to see folks interpret their versions of this !


lifeless_smallone of the things I have been investing in is some kitbash kits. mostly form Kitbash3d.com. sometimes we just don’t have the time to stuff out in rapid fire without these kits, especially for tv advert that tend to want rapid turn around and big sets. they have saved my life a few times over the last year and a half…god bless them 🙂 this was done as a mess around using the warzone kit, which has tons of reuse for me, loads of smashed buildings and objects. so right for some alien invasion shots 🙂