Gateway concept

So as well as the movie pitch, tv commercials ive also been working with rawshark studio on their new mmo called Gateway. based on the same famous books . this is really early concept art, more a mood shot really. this is a colour variation of the shot


desert bus

no28 comes round every 12 weeks

very quick shot to do. more me messing around with ship shapes than anything else and trying to build up scale

the battle for the milky coffee

things didn’t go to plan

So things didn’t go too much to plan in this shot, as Bob goes full berserk mode at the space port. again lots of fun with this. the set is 3d as is bob, who’s now fully pose able for different shots. all the elements are rendered out as separate files and then comped in in photoshop.the rest of the characters and vx etc is all 2d.

tales of the universe: assassins inc

tales of the universe: assassins inc

fair few to update today. ive ben recently on a movie pitch for the last few months so its been a bit hectic. This shot is from my own personal project. possibly a book? this chapter is basically a shot story based on a few robot assassins in the arse end of space. mainly up against some rather nasty gangsters. having a lot of fun with these.