Return to kunlun


so for those that follow me, youll know ive been involved in the production of a Chinese TV show called return to Kunlun. finally I can show you some of the footage from this. this was released a few weeks back as a trailer for the show. which actually is just about to start its main shooting, all over the world!. This is a dream sequence that I spent a fair bit of time on with the director. I spent weeks on storyboards for this sequence and it was a shame we had to cut out some of the other shots which where fantastic but due to time and budget we had to scrap them. a lot of the action is so close to the story boards which is fantastic to see this moving in all its glory. Ship concepts( as in the main image) flooded Shanghai, wing suit costume and smaller ship all concepted by be. its been an amazing experience to work with the crew and also get to visit such a fantastic and welcoming country as China. I really hope to get back over here soon.
Here is the link to the Sequence I’ve uploaded in hd to Youtube. Hope you enjoy it!


back seat driver

not the sat nav she asked for

wanted to do something in a confined space and really force the camera. it was a thought shot to do composition wise ,took a bit of messing around with. getting the light right too was pretty important. I hope ive managed to get this idea across!

sunday stroll

just out ,killing bad guys

Just coming to the end of a movie pitch contract that’s been fantastic to work on. I hit the ground running early January and haven’t really stopped since. I did this a few weekends back just to clear some cobwebs out of my head.

Walk into Scilence.

from the depths it rises


walk into the unknown

hidden secrets for millions of years

discovery of wonder!

the first race

ancient entrance

so here are some of the shots all in one place for “a walk into silence”. based around a 1912 expedition to Antarctica . more to come on this as its developed

ancient entrance

so im looking at going back to this project.i started this the other year but now im hoping this is going to evolve a bit more maybe even a book? not sure yet. lots to come on this, but might hold back while its in development. in this shot we see our hero’s approach the gate