text alert

the joy of social networking

a few days off now in-between projects . bit of Monday morning practice . I like the idea that shes reading about this giant monster on her phone , that’s wreaking her city.

kingdom claimed

close up study of the samurai , hes built in max, really cheated on this by painting up a hi res face and then just mapping it onto a generic head, crafty lighting goes a long way. I think il be moving onto something a bit more sedate next lol

blast doors to close

old space jockey gears up

bit more sedate from the last one , first time using my ugee 21″ tablet screen display. just getting used to painting on screen rather than just a tablet . so just trying to adjust to the size and slight parallax . but I have to say its a fantastic bit of kit. and it feels like its giving me a different look to the way I paint. just need to get a bit faster with it now 🙂

the one

last stand

carrying on my robot samurai theme, I wanted to do something based on the pose of the guy in the centre. its pretty much all 3d, comp/painted and vfx added in photoshop. robot debris is just a bomb attached to a 3d mesh with loads of chaos added. wasn’t too sure about this, but I do like the pose .

meditation before war

focused on chaos

focused on chaos

had some spare time this Saturday morning so had a mess around in max. wanted something really simple to try out some new things. hopefully il be able to get a few shots done over the next week, while im on a very small and much needed break from work