lifeless_smallone of the things I have been investing in is some kitbash kits. mostly form sometimes we just don’t have the time to stuff out in rapid fire without these kits, especially for tv advert that tend to want rapid turn around and big sets. they have saved my life a few times over the last year and a half…god bless them 🙂 this was done as a mess around using the warzone kit, which has tons of reuse for me, loads of smashed buildings and objects. so right for some alien invasion shots 🙂

Blue Monday

bluemonday back to the rain. messing with volume fog and mist for this shot. harking to my fav movie Bladerunner

space bears

spacebears long time no post. Ive been pretty much booked up since last September. its been a hell of a year so far and im still pretty much rammed. ive managed to do a few shots in my spare time so here’s the first batch.