discovery at the glacier

strange find

love tpo do images on a grand scale, love the mystery on the arctic too. didn’t plan this image, straight just sit down and freeform. which is really nice to do


the getaway killers

assassins on holiday

this was for a idea I had based on two intergalactic assassins on holiday. really want the ship to be like an old school b52 type hulk


friend or foe

I was watching close encounters the other night, a movie a totally love, especially the vfx, just blew my mind as a kid. Had an idea to get a load of stuff together to pitch a follow up…..who knows,i may follow this one up

the boiling sea

strange visitor

I was reading an article on a huge ufo spotted by the French navy, if you haven’t seen this stuff check it out, not sure if is real or fake but the photos are crazy and totally inspired this image. I love crazy stuff like that, would be great if that stuff was real lol

mine station 44

striping planets bare

seems like an age since I last updated.
super buys again and about to go into another phase of a ton of work. So il be posting up so of the things ive managed to get out over the last few weeks. This one was straight into my comfort zone. just me messing around after work