your so on that naughty list: Merry Christmas 2019

crashed siegh2w This year has flown by. so want to take time out to thank all of you that follow me on here and the rest of social media. its been an amazing year and I look forward to sharing with you some more crazy ships, creatures and stories over 2020. Have a great holidays everyone !

Black clover squadron

black clover Another personal fav.I had built the ships in 3ds max a while ago and could never figure out what to do. eventually went for the old” take off ” shot. but for me this just works. I don’t say this a lot about my work but I still, dare I say….like this

learner driver

learner driver This was was fun to do. over the last year ive been stocking up on the fantastic #kitbash3d 3d models. they have been total life savers on a few client jobs and personal stuff too. I used some of the #Warzone kit for the damaged buildings, re textured them and rendered these out to match the background plate, the ship was shot on a separate pass and then everything brought into photoshop . good experiment! check out the kitbash3d site. these folks do some great assests!