Storm Chaser

above tried a few colour variations on this shot, this seems to be my fav.i do have a second variation on my artstation page, if you want to check it out.



NOVAdry dock More work after work. this was the first shot on my new pc rig, whixh is the size of a small fridge. still trying to get it set up right for my needs but so far its a bit of a beast.

I predict a riot

Sunday afternoon blast, just to clear the work haze out of my brain. I find it really helps me be more creative to get my own designs out while on a job. it can help me think in different areas without the pressures of deadlines. maybe solve problems im having with client concepts. which , trust me , we all have 🙂

high noon at the red hut

using some kitbash buildings I bought from first time ive used anything like this. I bought some kits to help me out on a tv advert. they are pretty cool, its far better to just use bit of them, almost to enhance a model or set. I think to use as stand alone can be a bit restrictive, but that’s just my personal take. I like to be able to build as much as I can, but these guys defiantly helped me out big time with the city scape stuff. well worth checking them out