joyrider getting away from gloomy shots to this, relly like the feel to this shot, has a sense of fun too me. possibly may keep this for the book, its also in poster format on Artstation 🙂

Breakdown on Titan

BREAKDOWN ON TITANTrying out some new methods on some of the latest stuff. very heavy on the 3d side of things. which im really enjoying. trying to get in lots of depth and light

space bears

spacebears long time no post. Ive been pretty much booked up since last September. its been a hell of a year so far and im still pretty much rammed. ive managed to do a few shots in my spare time so here’s the first batch.


the white cityJust plane old 70s scifi. really loved doing this, very simple and pretty quick to do. render times are right down since the new pc was bought for the business going to 12 cores and 128gb of ram and a Rtx 2080 card have made a huge difference in work flow