matrix resurrection

Had the privilege to work on the Matrix early in back in 2021. i was tasked with designing the IO dock. great fun to do, working on a movie and having the trilogy playing on my other screen for reference was a surreal experience. super glad it pretty much got to screen almost one to one on the designs. whole thing was built in 3d and then overpainted in photoshop.


2 thoughts on “matrix resurrection

  1. I felt it unwise to deluge you with multiple emails responding to your recent work. I love the art you create, thank you very much for sharing it! Unfortunately, other than Matrix 4 I don’t believe I know the names of any movies you have worked on that have made it to screen. Sometime, if possible please share that. Thank you! Brian

    • HI , Yeah not a problem. so far…
      mortal komat,
      dr who.
      the Adam project.
      masters of the air.
      aquaman 2 .
      the meg 2.
      kingdom to the planet of the apes.
      Dune 2.
      matrix 4
      the flash
      i do have others but not allowed to talk about these yet 🙂

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