they have arrived

not been able to get much done of late, just been overloaded on projects and it seems this is going to carry on for a good while yet. did manage to get this sort of sketchy imageg together. huge fan of close encounters so a bit of a homage to it


no escape

closing in for the kill

full image including the dark drones, im trying to get story together for all the recent shots to tie them all together. works getting in the way though lol

escape from kando prison

closing in on the hunt

As well as working a lot of late , im also trying to set up a new story and produce a number of concepts and key frames. this one ,we have our hero in a stolen “grease pod” ( its like a maintenance ship, but very bulked up and powerful little thing) hes trying to escapes the black guard, who run the prison. Ive put a break down to this up on youtube where you can see the 3d model of the ship and also how the whole image is put together. so go check it out