luna shuttle

Sunday glide on the moon

Sunday glide on the moon

watch 2001 again the other night, haven’t seen it in around 10 years and its just beautiful, the design, light, framing, just stunning. The space sequences even today give any cg a run for its money. That harsh light is some of the best outer space sequences ever. If you haven’t seen it, just sit down and plug in. its not a Hollywood movie, I think if people tried to do this pacing today the exec would have a fit lol

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  1. I’ll never forget watching 2001 in a small local theater when it first came out. I left the theater totally confused about the story(I was a junior in high school and anything that required thinking at that age was not on my agenda). However, I did realize that visually, I had seen something unique and I wanted to see more. 2001 started me on the path toward painting and illustration. I think I became an avid reader around that time as well.

    When I last watched this classic (about 2 years ago) I was astounded at how well it stands up to todays standards. In fact, I think that in some respects it surpasses those standards.

    Thanks for sharing your Luna Shuttle and for the trip down memory lane.

    Very Best Regards,

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