Test Flight 0001

well...its off the ground!

well…its off the ground!

back to messing with colours with ships. I did this after work tonight just to wind down.


Cloud watching

not so distant thunder

not so distant thunder

Having watched the trailer for the Martian the other day, this popped into my head this afternoon. its a really simple shot comp wise, I just loved the colour 🙂


homeward bound?

homeward bound?

Busy week this week so wanted something with a calm sort of menace, wanted one of those cool autumn days, with sun and haze and just have this ” thing” suspended. I like the mood in this. something you wont hear me say very often lol


he didn't tie it down enough!

he didn’t tie it down enough!

very busy. managed to do this last night , thanks for all the new followers! hope you enjoy this one, hopefully I will be able to get some more stuff done pretty soon 🙂


"get back in the car woman!"

“get back in the car woman!”

Trying to speed up work flows today….it didn’t work. mental ray is still giving me problems even after all this time 🙂 next task is to work out how to bake out normal maps from a ship….wow I have such an exciting life 🙂