watcher on the lane

who is watching who?

who is watching who?

Had this idea of something just hanging in the air on this rural Japanese road, set in now time, but just this early morning wet misty feel to it. but I was also conscious that I wanted to keep the colour really far down almost monochrome. im a sucker for shots like this so please indulge me lol. It was my birthday this week so im entitled …I think 🙂


something different

jacks first ship So I teaching my 11 year old son 3d and photoshop at the moment, hes a dab hand at sketch up but wanted to be able to do more, so this is his first ship, built by him and textured by him using dads textures ive just helped him out by putting it in a old psd background. I think he did a stella job, great crazy imagination ,learns so fast its untrue, I think a few more days on learning 3d and he will be away creating all sorts of crazy stuff. have to say im a pretty proud dad!