noisy neighbours

who's making that racket?

who’s making that racket?

break from work today. so while ive a few hours spare its paper work and this ….. had an idea for a whole series based on suburban invasion, so hopefully over the next few moths I may get to flesh this out into a bigger project 🙂 hard to step back from this with the frame so full, so hoping ive got the scale looking imposing.
cheers all


BBQ ruined



so summers over here in England for another year….in fact it never arrived this year, so had to do this 🙂


homeward bound?

homeward bound?

Busy week this week so wanted something with a calm sort of menace, wanted one of those cool autumn days, with sun and haze and just have this ” thing” suspended. I like the mood in this. something you wont hear me say very often lol


he didn't tie it down enough!

he didn’t tie it down enough!

very busy. managed to do this last night , thanks for all the new followers! hope you enjoy this one, hopefully I will be able to get some more stuff done pretty soon 🙂


"get back in the car woman!"

“get back in the car woman!”

Trying to speed up work flows today….it didn’t work. mental ray is still giving me problems even after all this time 🙂 next task is to work out how to bake out normal maps from a ship….wow I have such an exciting life 🙂