he didn't tie it down enough!

he didn’t tie it down enough!

very busy. managed to do this last night , thanks for all the new followers! hope you enjoy this one, hopefully I will be able to get some more stuff done pretty soon 🙂


"get back in the car woman!"

“get back in the car woman!”

Trying to speed up work flows today….it didn’t work. mental ray is still giving me problems even after all this time 🙂 next task is to work out how to bake out normal maps from a ship….wow I have such an exciting life 🙂

little mule

he just wont budge

he just wont budge

Breaking away from storyboards for a bit, ive had tones today and still a huge amount left, but the project is great and the script and story a joy so im not moaning 🙂 , still pushing colour today green and orange, just like the idea of this guys ship just giving some payout , im sure he will move when he wants to 🙂