his prize awaits

So in-between work,ive been looking at Max 2017. which has proved problematic at best. very unstable. mr sun lighting pretty much ruined. so all in all a frustrating time. I did look at 2018 but that was pretty much unusable. The icon change was dreadful and confusing considering users have been working with this for many years to change over is really stupid. also mental ray has gone. so we now have Arnold in its place. which is fine…if you know Arnold but if not its a whole new pipeline to learn not too mention all the previous materials on my work wont run in Arnold as they are for mental ray. so re doing all of this while trying to work is pretty much a none started so this was binned almost straight away. so this shot was a combo of 2017/16 mainly due to lighting issues and crashes in 2017. it looks like il be sticking with 2016 for some time but if Autodesk carry on with this kind of flakey code il be looking to go elsewhere . maybe 3d coat or cinema 4d. definitely not Maya as its dreadful lol . il try the update bug patch for 2017 but its not looking good.

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