nowhere to run

nowhere to hide

nowhere to hide

Another late one from me, just winding down after work. for some reason I had howls moving castle in my head when I did this?? hope you guys like it 🙂


6 thoughts on “nowhere to run

    • Hey Greg. Ive just been asked by 3dtotal to do one for them as well as appear in their next book….yahhhhh. im just trying to find the time to get one done,its not as simple as just sitting down and doing one as i usually do i have to plan and do it in segments and take snap shots etc so il see what i can do 😊cheers for asking buddy!

      • That is so cool! ☺ Well done! I must admit to being fascinated by your art, and would love to learn what i can. At present i am just a hobbiest and while 50 is probably too old for a career change i don’t want to rule out the possibility ☺ Thanks ☺

      • Cheers buddy,and mate its never too late, 50 is nothing these days,im 47 so im getting up there lol trust me going solo was like starting from scratch,its just hard work and love what you do and just keep pushing,for me these last two years have been amazing,hard work but amazing. No retreat, no surrender lol

    • I think its 20years in games,sort of condition to get stuff done yesterday ,its also good discipline to make sure you can hit stuff out eacb day, times money lol,i also get bored really quick 😊

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