something different

jacks first ship So I teaching my 11 year old son 3d and photoshop at the moment, hes a dab hand at sketch up but wanted to be able to do more, so this is his first ship, built by him and textured by him using dads textures ive just helped him out by putting it in a old psd background. I think he did a stella job, great crazy imagination ,learns so fast its untrue, I think a few more days on learning 3d and he will be away creating all sorts of crazy stuff. have to say im a pretty proud dad!

6 thoughts on “something different

  1. That’s really good! Well done. Also good to see another dad trying to pass on skills. I’ve been trying to teach my 10 year old daughter how to paint in oils. Mind you the call of Minecraft is too strong for her.

  2. Very cool!!
    When I was your son’s age I wanted to be an archeologist. Drawing and painting were BORING (as opposed to brushing bits of dirt from half-buried fossils). I didn’t discover art until I was almost through high school.

    Best Regards,

    • He says he wants to be an architect ,but I think he may well be a spaceship architect lol. when I was his age I wanted t work with Ray Harryhausen, Luckily back in 2002 I think I had the good fortune of spending some time with the great man, I was totally star struck, a true gent and legend. He’s a big part of why I became an artist!

      • Wow!! Ray Harryhausen!! That’s all I can say!!!

        I had a similar experience back in the late 1980’s when I got to spend about an hour with Jean Giraud(Moebius) at the Chicago Comicon. A friend of mine was publishing his work as prints here in the U.S. and he invited me to sit at the table while Mr. Giraud was signing books and artwork. I sat like a slack-jawed idiot while this great master drew with such speed and economy of line that it boggled my mind. I think I learned more in that hour than any other time before or since. When I got up to leave he graciously thanked me for taking an interest in his work…all I could do was smile and mutter some incoherent babble about how honored I was to have watched him create.

        I’ve met a few of my artistic “heroes” over the years but that particular experience inspired me the most.

        I seem to be babbling again. Sorry about that…

        Best Regards,

      • Wow Moebius issuch an influence on me too, I loved his work on the silver surfer back in the day, wow, lucky chap, I love hearing stories like that,! Cheers for sharing that!

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