Citadel at the edge of the world

Citadel at the edge of the world

At the moment Iam trying to increase my workflow speed,constantly trying new brushes and new techniques. forcing myself to stay on one layer and just paint. Slowly getting the confidence to do this .But trust me I isn’t easy making things look this messy ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Citadel

  1. Great work! I like the messy, loose, and rough as long as the values, edges, and warm/cool relationships are right. Who are some of your favorite artists in your field? Is Sergey Kolesov on the list?

  2. Too be honest I tend to follow a lot older school than those guys. I try not to stick to one artist too, I just like what I like. I am more influenced by Syd mead, and ralph Mcquarrie those guys. I grew up reading books by Jim burns etc. when I stared out it was all air brushing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ah yes, John Berkey is an old school favorite of mine. I guess whether you use pencil, brush, air brush, or computer, the same fundamentals apply when it comes to beautiful art!

      • Too true, too true. I had so many fantasy art books as a kid. I was a shocked when I went to art college and they wanted me to paint chairs. One of my favourites was Chris Foss. great to see some of his work again pop up on that new documentary on Dune !

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